NBA Summer League

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NBA Summer League

Post  new_skool91 on Sun Jul 04, 2010 7:16 am

How do you all think that
1) OJ will do at point?

2) Thabeet will fare this summer?

3) X and Vasquez will do?

I think that OJ will come in and kill at point for his two games, but it won't change much in the big pictures. I think that Thabeet will be more confident and show streaks of dominance; the defensive dominance of our summer league squad was no coincidence last year. If Thabeet is 16 and 10 in the summer league, it wouldn't surprise me - they just have to decide that they are going to give him the touches like they did in the D-League. I think that both X and Vasquez will kill it too. I think X will shoot ~ 40% from long and that Vasquez will dazzle with his passes. It will be fun!!!

I think I just convinced myself to pay the $11 to get the games legally. LOL!

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